23 Oct 2011

At the Margaret Howell Sample Sale at The Music Rooms in Soho

I arrived at around four on the second and final day of the Margaret Howell sample sale, which I'd previously remembered as a hectic, sweaty and stuffy affair with lots of little shuffles around from their annual sample sale the previous year at the same location. So I dressed accordingly, foregoing the outerwear and all. To my surprise, the place was surreally calm and airy, with only a handful of other sale attendees languidly sauntering from rack to rack, drifting occasionally to rifle through the boxes of smaller items which were on display on long tables. The staff were jovially chatting amongst themselves, their laughter periodically filling the room. During one of the quieter moments, they had even taken to creatively rearranging the loose buttons which were on sale into smiling faces, one distinctly French and sailor-esque. I left with a white cotton pleated full knee-length skirt with pockets (I love pockets!) and cute pearl buttons down the front. I've yet to wear it. Maybe when next summer rolls around and the sunny weather lasts for more than a few days, you know, outside of exam period. Damn.

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