27 Feb 2012

Spotted! Irina Kulikova at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012

I know we've just bid hello and goodbye to London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 and I've only JUST got around to posting these photos I took at spring/summer 2012 of Irina Kulikova. I'm terrible that I only get around to posting these when deadlines are looming and I'm looking for procrastination.

On a related note, I did pop down to London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 on the Sunday of its week long schedule. However, picture taking slash general style gawking did not go as fruitfully as did the previous seasons. (Note to self: Topshop Showspace is not as friendly a fashion outsider hang-around place as Somerset House.) Nonetheless, I have a few limited number of pictures, which I will post later when the next procrastination mood strikes.

17 Feb 2012

In celebration of London Fashion Week, we take a stroll down memory lane

It's that time of the year, it's London Fashion Week again! The stylish masses have descended upon the capital to join in on what will be a crazy and creativity-filled week, which started with its first day on Friday. I absolutely adore when London Fashion Week rolls around, being a Londoner myself I join in on the mayhem. I have photographed at London Fashion Week for the last two seasons and yet to fail to be amazed by what I capture (and that's just the show-goers). Hopefully I will be showing my face there over the weekend. But for now, I wanted to celebrate the occasion by taking a stroll down memory lane with some of my favourite images that I have taken over the previous seasons.

The last two images were taken at Tween Autumn/ Winter 2011.