4 Apr 2013

A thought on photography/ LFW SS13

I like these slightly obscure photographs from fashion week (above and post below). By slightly obscure I mean a photo that is not a posed, outfit shot. I mean a photo that feels almost unintentional, capturing a moment that almost was not meant to be captured. Here photography demonstrates its brilliance as documentation. Through the act of photographing, this moment can be presented side by side with another, born-to-be Kodak moment, in exactly the same size, giving them equal importance in demanding the viewer's attention. What might have passed as an unmarked, unnoticed moment in time through photography is forever immortalised.

3 Apr 2013

Stolen moment/ LFW SS13

In between the snapping and posing, this happened. The tilt of her wide-rimmed hat reminds me of an old Irving Penn photo.