31 Aug 2012

My friend Sara's house in Newport, Wales

I took some photos at my friend Sara's house back in May I have been meaning to share with you. Sara lives in Newport, Wales and is a photography student. Her house is full of lovely little gems and treasures collected from her research into exhibitions and artists, displayed alongside darkroom test prints and other illustrations. It is also a cornucopia of art books and magazines that you can spend hours browsing and lose track of time in completely. Sara showed me the vintage peach silk jacket that her mum passed down to her, which she now wears as pyjamas. She looked very nonchalant lounging around the house in it. At the time she was curating an exhibition involving her fellow course mates at the Newport Waterfront exhibition space which she also exhibited in. I attended the opening night, which went off with a bang and had everyone gushing glowing reviews. The last photograph is a still from the film that Sara's boyfriend Michael made which he had on display at the exhibition.

12 Aug 2012

The bejewelled hands of Louisa Lau from Lust & Found at Susie Bubble's Yard Sale

I attended the bloggers' yard sale hosted by Susie Lau of Style Bubble and a plethora of other London bloggers yesterday in Holloway, literally in Susie's front yard (if I am not mistaken). So I know the saying goes that early bird gets the worm, but as a perpetual late bird, I thought I might still get the worm, but also have a lie-in. After all, how punctual can fashion people be? Very, it turns out, as I was about to painstakingly learn after arriving at half five in the afternoon, half an hour before the advertised finishing time. The rails were empty, or rather, there were no rails to speak of as the unsold items had already been packed away neatly into bags. I rifled through Susie and Hedvig's bags and suitcases respectively, and having found nothing to call mine, I was determined to nonetheless walk away fruitful. So I did the only thing which was left to do at this point - I photographed some street style. The beautiful and bejewelled hands you see above you belong to Louisa Lau, Susie's sister and also founder of Lust & Found magazine. She told me that her hands were wearing Mawi, Maria Francesca Pepe and COS that day. She had recently received a big personal order of jewellery from Maria Francesca Pepe. Needless to say, I'm jealous of her lucky hands.