26 Mar 2012

London fashion week memories...

At last I get around to sharing my photos from this London Fashion Week just gone by! This season, I only had one day, so to break with the usual habit of popping by Somerset House, I decided to see what the action was like at the Topshop Showspace. The venue was beautifully set by the river, across from the nearly-completed Shard. At sunset, the river bank was picturesque, and little neon and pattern-clashing fashion birds added the accent. I didn't get many terribly good photos (I was too shy on that particular day!), but I'll let what I have speak for themselves.

(I also met the lovely Alice Point. Here she is pictured in her bright neon hat in the last picture.)


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely encouraging words on my blog, i was really going through a little dip and your comment really helped me get past it :)

    That first picture is fantastic, loving the blue hair, the blue trousers and the lightning

  2. i like that fluorescent green beanie accent.