30 Mar 2013

Memories of days gone by/ LFW SS13

Now that my camera has taken a hike for good, I'm left with the only option of endlessly rehashing my old photos for some blog content. While I eventually get around to processing the film I shot on for the London fashion week that's just gone by, I've dug up from the deep recesses of my hard drive photos I took at the one before (Spring/Summer 2013) that I never even bothered posting.

I ran into these ladies just as I was making my escape out of Somerset House. They must have been models. When I looked up (from my usual stance of looking at my feet as I walk), they were making shapes with conviction, dropping some seriously editorial-worthy poses. A group of us quickly stopped and gathered around, gawping with our mouths slightly agape. Street style photographers were already getting shutter happy, making their ubiquitous song of camera clicks. The whole scene unfolded and went in a matter of moments. I only managed to grab these two decents shots.

I'd forgotten some of the nice photos I'd taken at LFW SS13 until I was reminded today. While I am without a digital camera, rest assured that these photos will be slowly dug out to fill the silence during this blog drought.

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